Ban “toxic” food nations plus heavy fines Strict Management – toxic beans, pesticide resid

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Feb. 28, from Hainan Dongguan 7.5 heaps toxic beans were ruined, while in the previous February 26, Guangzhou had destroyed 5.8 tons toxic beans.

Truth, exist in numerous various other nations the exact same pesticide residues in food, but numerous countries in the control of pesticide residues on some great way to sum up. Whether the EU’s “from farm to fork”, or Australia’s “from pasture to table”, is by strict management, and heavy charges on offenders sentenced to advertise brand-new expertise and technology, and other methods as possible to guarantee food accomplish the health and ecological security. In addition, Canada, Australia, EU and other countries or regions have set up a nationwide inter-ministerial Food Security Council (or nationwide food security committee) to Unity Company, coordination, management and food safety-related work, also contribute to the department of labor Cooperation Successfully reply to food safety.

Japan Apple number for future reference

Be listed Sell PRC in September 2008, the Japanese broke Mikasa Foods Manufacture of industrial glue for earnings will be contaminated with Rice When the consumption of rice offered”” scandal. The rice consists of high carcinogenic aflatoxin, pesticide methamidophos, and various other harmful materials. Some of these were utilized for brewing rice Wine Materials, some are directly processed into snacks.

Japanese Ministry of Farming examination discovered that time, the problem of rice have actually been into the 24 prefectures of Japan, jeopardize the country affected.

“” event is the food brand to pesticides as extreme usage of non-food rice rice for sale. For those in the beginning of production was defined as foodstuff for customers, Japan’s control on pesticide residues are still extremely stringent. In 2006, Japan introduced the “pesticide residues in food of chemicals favorable list system”, a restricted number of indicators on agricultural items enhanced significantly, more stringent restriction signs, a significant boost in the limit.

Example, in planting the famous “Fuji” apple, the Japanese government on the control of pesticides and various other dangerous substances are really stringent, generally does not enable farmers to make use of. Offenders are either entrepreneurs or farmers will certainly be very heavy punishment. On the other hand, the Japanese farmers of the “great faith” however also through “company” of safety: Every harvest period, farmers choose their own apples first handed classified agricultural association test, agricultural association Apple are on every number for future reference, and then square can be marketed.

Technology likewise helped farmers in Japan’s active, “Fuji” apple in general are laying a reflective plate, in this regard to make sure the uniformity of apple skin color, on the other hand can likewise drive away particular kinds of vermins; apple are set with paper bags to avoid bugs and diseases and improve nutrition. Some strawberry raisers in baby room greenhouses are equipped with a/c, automatic watering devices, making use of computer system control unit testing fries viruses, insects, and whether the immune system. Selection at the start, the farmers will certainly choose resistant ranges in cultivation are too many of you do not require spraying pesticides.

UNITED STATE Internet can check pesticide residues

U.S. agricultural products in the market before the PRC, have to go through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) extensive checks. If the testing found extreme pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits, despite maker any reason, FDA is not allowed to market these items, but also for manufacturers to heavy fines and 1 year to 3 years, the penalty needs to not get in the market. In such a stringent requirement, vegetables and fruit farmers hesitate to take risks.

U.S. Environmental defense Department likewise set up a “network of pesticide residues”, registered users can after the lot number listed on vegetables and fruits discovered in the online “pesticide residue limit” and a batch of pesticide test outcomes, details is very detailed. And the information on this website are EPA, FDA and Department of Farming, authoritative and trusted.

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