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Sweetners and Honey

Sweetners and Honey

Organic Coconut Sugar 16 oz (453 grams) Pkg

Organic Coconut Sugar from Bob’s Red Mill is derived from the nectar of coconut palm tree blossoms. A delicious natural sweetener, Organic Coconut Sugar can be used as a one-to-one substitute in many recipes calling for white sugar or brown sugar. For a tasty breakfast treat, sprinkle a spoonful of Organic Coconut Sugar on your oatmeal or cereal. Bob’s Red Mill also features recipes for Blueberry Oat Crumb Bars and Coconut Coffee Cakes on the back of the package for this product. Kosher, USDA organic and made in the USA.

Pyure Premium Organic Stevia Sweetener, 1000 Count Packets

Pyure Premium Organic Stevia is the first organic certified, non-GMO verified, sugar and calorie free sweetener to market. Blended with an organic agave inulin fiber, Pyure organic provides 4% of your daily fiber per serving while aiding in digestion.

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Fair Trade Cane Sugar, 2 lb (Pack of 2)

Wholesome Sweeteners’ Organic Sugar is a blond, delicious, natural sweetener, perfect for sprinkling, baking and hot & cold drinks. It is made from freshly squeezed Organic Sugar Cane Juice, which is evaporated and crystallized on the same day it is harvested. Use as a 1-for-1 organic replacement for refined sugar. What is Organic Sugar? Organic sugar is produced form 100% organic Sugar Cane. In adherence with strict Organic Standards, the fields are not treated with herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. No chemicals, bleaching agents or colorings are used to produce any of our organic sugar products. Organic, Kosher and Fair Trade certified, not filtered through animal by-products & suitable for Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal and plant based diets. 100% of the agricultural ingredients are produced in accordance with the rules of organic production.

NOW Foods Maple Syrup Grade B Organic, 32 ounce

Maple Syrup is distilled from the sap of organic Sugar Maple trees in springtime. It takes 40 gallons of pure sap to make one gallon of pure syrup. A good Sugar Maple tree is able to produce 1 to 2 quarts of pure maple syrup each season.

Kevala Organic Raw Oaxaca Honey, 16 Ounce

Kevala’s naturally liquid honey is harvested on-site to respect and protect the bees, then transported for packaging. No heat is ever applied, nor any additional process is done to the honey.

GloryBee Organic Clover Honey, 5 Pound

We’re proud to bring you a premium clover honey that preserves the benefits of organic eating. Enjoy the light, smooth flavor of this certified organic classic in your cooking or as a spread. Sourced from organically farmed fields in remote areas worldwide.

Coconut Secret Organic Raw Coconut Nectar Low Glycemic Sweetener – 12 oz

When the coconut tree is tapped, it produces a naturally sweet, nutrient-rich “sap” that exudes from the coconut blossoms. This sap is very low glycemic and contains 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, broad-spectrum B vitamins, and has a nearly neutral pH. Small batches ensure that our pure, low glycemic Nectar, made from this natural sap, is a raw, enzymatically alive product, minimally evaporated at low tempertures (only to remove excess moisture and allow sap to thicken), never exceeding an average summer day in the tropics. Some agave syrups are hydrolyzed at temperatures up to 140 degrees F. for approximately 36 hours, the end product containing 90% fructose, compared to sap nectar which is only 0.5% glucose, 1.5% fructose, 16% sucrose, and 82% inulin The naturally sweet, mild flavor of our Nectar is an ideal sweetener for use on pancakes, over cereal, in tea, smoothies and all your favorite dessert recipes! (Our delicious Coconut Nectar does not have a coconutty flavor)

Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar, 16-Ounce

Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar is a delicious, pure, unrefined alternative to processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. The sustainably grown, Non-GMO Project Verified sweetener is produced from the flower bud of the coconut tree. In addition to tasting delicious, organic coconut sugar has naturally occurring nutrients including magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, B vitamins, and amino acids. Includes 1 (one) 16 oz. bag of Orgnaic Coconut Sugar.

Dutch Gold Honey 100% Organic Wildflower Honey 12 oz.

The process of creating honey is a tricky one! There actually need to be specific bees collecting the pollens from specific flowers, and transporting them back to a specific hive. The hive must be made of wood, and the comb formations of organic beeswax. Each bee living in the organic colony must be numbered and monitored to keep them from collecting non-organic pollens, and the organic bees cannot be fed – this would make the honey produced non-organic. After bottling, the organic honey is kept segregated and away from other honeys to prevent the products mingling together. Due to careful monitoring, we can ensure that this Dutch Gold honey is purely 100% USDA organic!

Shady Maple Farms Organic Maple Syrup, Grade A, 32 Ounce

The mission of CITADELLE Maple Syrup Producers’ Cooperative is committed to fairness in its dealings with members and customers. It is also committed to the pursuit of excellence in the production, transformation and worldwide promotion and marketing of only the purest, highest quality products. Dedicated to carrying out its activities sustainably, it values the expertise of its people, its capacity for innovation and its respect for the environment in all its undertakings.

YS Royal Jelly/Honey Bee – Organic Honey, 16 oz gel

Y.S. Eco Bee Farms’ 100% Certified Organic Honey is harvested with extreme care. This raw product is natural, unheated, unfiltered and fresh from healthy beehives. The results produce a superior, energy-packed honey with the highest possible levels of live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This certified kosher product is processed without the various chemicals used in conventional beekeeping. Plus, the hives are kept in isolated areas away from golf courses, agricultural areas, heavy traffic areas and landfills. Did you know that bees stay within 2 miles of their hive? All of this contributes to the USDA Organic certification for this pure, rich–and delicious–honey!

Madhava Organic Raw Agave, 46-Ounce

We have the blue agave plant to thank for this amazingly versatile and oh so friendly sweetener. What makes this sweetener so special? For starters, it’s low glycemic so you don’t have to suffer through another midday sugar crash. And it’s 1.4x sweeter than sugar, so you can use less. This purely RAW Fair Trade organic agave is perfect for perking up your favorite iced tea, smoothies and more! Of course, this beauty of a sweetener is brought to you by Madhava, so you can be sure it’s all natural and free of any HFCS, chemicals, additives and other unsavory stuff. Just pure deliciousness.

Madhava Natural Sweeteners Organic Raw Honey, 22-Ounce

Busy Brazilian Bees. Trying saying that five times fast. They’re responsible for the fragrant, luscious, ORGANIC Very Raw Honey in this jar. We traveled all the way to the wildflower fields of Brazil and worked with local farmers to harvest the golden nectar. Then, to maintain its raw natural pollens and pure, unfiltered flavor, we heat it just enough to pour into this jar – just the way the bees intended. Sweeeeeet.

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Stevia,1g- 75 Count

Say goodbye to the pink, blue and yellow packets! Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Stevia is the perfect replacement for artificial sweeteners. Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Stevia is great in beverages and sprinkled over cereal and fruit. It is a multi-purpose natural sweetener that is sweeter than sugar, so less is more! It is calorie-free and low glycemic which makes it perfect for those managing calories and blood sugar levels. Organic Stevia has no artificial fillers and is Certified Organic. Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Stevia’s greatest quality is its TASTE – a unique blend of Organic Stevia and Fairtrade Organic Blue Agave Inulin. This combination produces a smoother, more mellow taste compared to other products on the market. Non-GMO Verified and Certified Kosher, Low Glycemic. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Gluten-Free, Prebiotic, which is beneficial to digestive health. No bitter after-taste. Multi-purpose sweetener. 1 packet or 1 teaspoon of Organic Stevia sweetens like 2-3 teaspoons of sugar depending on your taste buds

Organic Maple Syrup – Grade B, 33oz Round Glass

Maple Valley Syrup is a product of the Organic Maple Cooperative. Our certified organic maple producer members are small to mid-sized family farms in North America. Our central processing, warehousing and offices are based in Cashton, Wisconsin. At the Organic Maple Cooperative, preserving the purity and effectiveness of the health benefits of our Maple Valley brand organic maple syrup is a top priority for the farmers who own the coop. All our organic maple syrup producers adhere to strict standards of purity and organic and sustainable production. Our certified organic maple syrup is 100 percent free of additives (including formaldehyde, the use of which is now illegal in all U.S. maple syrup production). Organic certification by an independent third party organic certifier is what assures you, the consumer, that these statements are true. Maple Valley brand organic maple products are certified by Stellar Certification Services.

YS Organic Bee Farms CERTIFIED ORGANIC RAW HONEY 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC HONEY Raw, Unprocessed, Unpasteurized – Kosher 32oz (Pack of 3)

YS Organic – Certified Organic Honey is harvested with extreme care, 100% pure, natural, unheated and unfiltered, fresh from healthy beehives. The results produce a superior, energy packed honey with the highest possible levels of live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, healing agents as a functional whole food. Certified Organic Honey – 32 Fluid Ounces Solid.