Organic Farming

The world we live is getting increasingly polluted every passing day. Agricultural pesticides and chemical fertilizers also play a great role in this deterioration. These chemical additives are harmful for our body, mind and the environment. It has been proved that produce from inorganic farming tactics can interfere with the normal functioning of our internal organs adversely and can even cause brain cancer. Organic farming is the only solution to escape from this crisis.

Growing organic foods without resorting to use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers has many advantages. Our forefathers were a lot healthier than us only because they had access to pure food and water, which we are devoid of. Apostles for chemical fertilizers and pesticides argue that mass production of food cannot be done without these because of the influx of pests and diseases. But environmentalists point out to the fact that loss of revenue to diseases caused by chemicals is getting out of hand and human race would cease to exist if things go on like this. Mass production of organic foods is also possible if everyone pitch in with their efforts.

The merits of organic farming are multifarious. Food produced through organic farming is healthier and tastier. Organic foods can be stored for longer periods. Organic pesticides are easy and cheaper to make and use. They are bio degradable too.

In a nutshell, organic farming is the only solution to our food security and health problems. It does not harm the soil, air and water. Organic farms support diverse ecosystems and most importantly, the overall cost of farming per unit area is much lesser. So let us pledge better lives for ourselves as well as a good future for the coming generations too.