Organic Green Tea

After being aware of the disastrous effects of various fertilizers and pesticides. Organic products  are becoming popular by the minute. This is not only with the fruits and vegetables that we eat, but also with the tea that we consume. Organic green tea is also something that has gained popularity over the years. Majority of green Tea is produced in Asian countries like China and Japan, however because of is health benefits the tea is being consumed all across the globe.

In China, Green tea has been considered as one of the most valuable herb for maintaining good health. In Asian Countries Green Tea is hand plucked and handmade in the season of spring. After which it is preserved in such a way that it does not loose its freshness. This is done almost in the same way as that of regular tea, however the tea leaves are heated as soon as they are harvested, this is done to make sure that they do not loose the oxides in it and the resulting tea is rich in nutrients.

Organic green tea is said to be very good for the body as it supplies high volumes of Vitamin B and Vitamin C. The best part about this tea is the fact that is is very low on caffeine. So what exactly is the difference in regular tea or organic tea? If we purchase organic tea we are purchasing products that are crafted in a very cautious way. This way you can always be sure  that you are doing nothing but the best for yourself.

One of the major reason you should switch to organic Tea is because of the increase in use of pesticides, like DDT.

There have been so many studies regarding the chemicals like DDT and their drastic effects of human bodies. Many countries have stopped the use of this product, however there are many Asian countries that are still using this Pesticide. This is the reason you should buy organic green tea so that you can reduce the effects of these pesticides on your body. Even if it is not DDT then it could be any other chemical, so always go for organic green tea because it is crafted with the minimum number of pesticides and is harvested in as natural way as possible.


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