Organic Plant Food – Nature’s Magic Active ingredient

With the ever enhancing need for natural food production it is rather natural that we search for organic plant food to change the chemical fertilizers that are frequently utilized in commercial production of veggies and fruit.

What is organic plant food?

The first thing that springs to mind is animal manure, and still today this is the top most typical source of organic plant food. Animal manure provides active nutrients, fungi and the germs necessary for the development of fertile soils. Today, manures are available in a number of types and grades. Although horse and cow dung is renowneded for its use as organic plant food, other animals such as hogs and sheep manure is also available. Chicken manure needs processing prior to it is applied to the garden.

Another kind of organic plant food is acquired from green manures that are generally unique crops grown for the express function of raking them back into the ground to supply nutrients such as nitrogen and a host for bacteria. Composting of lawn and plant cuttings and vegetable scraps are likewise a type of natural plant food and could likewise be mixed with animal manures. Composts are not defined as manure however they are a very useful source of natural plant food and are easily accessible.


Under contemporary extensive farming it is regular for manufacturers to utilize chemically based fertilizers to improve the soil before planting, then as the crop grows chemical pesticides are contributed to protect the crop. Certainly the collected crop should include some residue of the chemicals utilized in its manufacturing which is later ingested into the bodies of those consuming the item.

For that reason one of the major benefits of making use of organic plant food is just that they do not consist of artificial chemicals and provide the majority of the aspects and organisms required for the soil food cycle. Therefore, the application of organic plant food assists to sustaining practical arable farming lands, pastures for grazing and fertile soils for the growing of fresh fruits and veggies.

It has been noted that a fringe benefit is that plants appear to do better long term with natural organic plant food than they finish with chemical based nitrogen nutrients. It is obvious that the presence of specific organisms, germs and some fungi is vital for the health of the soil biosphere.


Sadly, there are 2 obvious problems with organic plant food.

1. Being an animal bi-product it may consist of organisms, bacteria, germs as well as viruses that can show harmful. Overuse of these natural plant foods without some type of sterilization or processing can lead to contamination. However, it is not simple to process out the harmful elements thus safe manures are expensive.

2. Some raw manures can generate significant amounts of heat as they decay which can in fact trigger more damage than good not to discuss the bad smell it causes.

Up until you have experienced the incredible taste of fresh fruits and veggie grown utilizing organic plant food you have no idea exactly what you are missing out on. The difference in quality, taste and nutrition value can only be experienced and the advantages to your overall health will astonish you.

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