Organic Rice

Rice is the main food for millions of people all over India. Different types of rice are grown all over the country and the main distinction between the types of rice is long, medium and short rice. Out of so many types of rice, the main focus of this write up is on Organic Rice.

Since the time we start consuming food, we eat various food items which contain a lot of chemical substances as they come from chemical fertilizers. The same implies when we consume Rice, though the best type of Rice is Organic Rice as it does not have any chemical substances. Organic Rice is grown on those lands in which the soil is fertilized naturally without the use of chemical pesticides. In most cases pesticides are used in the growth of various types of rice to avoid any insects or diseases.

The farmers who grow Organic Rice ensure that they use favorable procedures to prevent the mating of pests and also make sure that that the soil has proper level of nutrients for proper crop growth and yield. The farmers get rid of the weeds manually or they use mulch to manage the weeds. The microorganisms that are present in the soil help the crop to grow naturally and absorb all the vitamin substances and minerals from the soil. Growing organic Rice is a difficult task as it needs to be done with a watchful eye.

Benefits Of Organic Rice:


The consumption of Organic Rice reduces the intake of chemical substances and protects your health.
The Organic Rice crop also protects the ecosystem as it is able to make the soil fertile.
Organic Rice crops have high level of nitrogen due to which they are resistant to many diseases
This Rice can be easily cooked on the stove
Organic Rice has a special aroma and is available at affordable price.
Organic Rice has almost the same taste and texture as any other rice but is far more nutritious
Organic Rice includes many essential nutrients for human body

People might have different reasons for the consumption of Organic Rice but the most appropriate reason is that this type of rice has no chemical impurities, which ensures better health in the long run.

As compared to the time a few decades back, nowadays there are many Organic Rice Manufacturers who have tie-ups with organic farms to deliver premium Organic Basmati or other types of rice as per the demand.

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