Organic Tea

Our planet is continually becoming a lot more and more filled with plastic waste and man made chemical compounds which is why not it is more essential than ever to stick to an organic food diet regime. Organic foods are almost constantly the safest for you to eat and frequently times have a a lot greater taste. 

Now when most people factor of organic, they consider of meat and create, nevertheless there are now also numerous organic teas on the marketplace considerably to tea drinkers delight. Organic tea is not that considerably various from other organic items.  It all starts with the soil, which significantly be organic and free of charge of any chemical compounds or those crazy fertilizers that guarantee to make your plants grow one hundred feet tall.  The soil is quite important since that is exactly where the roots of the plant are and that is exactly where the plant will be soaking up its nutrients.

Tea plants can easily live past a hundred years and are most often tightly rooted in the soil which eliminates the choice for a rotation of crops.  Nevertheless to get past crop rotation tea plants are often spaced out so a second variety of plant can be grown in in between the rows which makes the soil much more usable and can enhance nitrogen levels for the tea plants.  When developing tea plants nutrients have to be directly added to the tea plant and in organic tea plants the nutrients have to be all natural and organic merchandise.  

On non-organic tea farms they will typically instances spray chemical fertilizers right onto the plant itself. This process will always force the plant to absorb some of the chemical and they will remain in the plants technique even soon after becoming harvested. One more situation with this is that it can result in burns in the plants leaves and destroy the soil.

In organic tea farms the farmers will add nutrients to the soil that are typically times comprised of manure from organic farm animals, compost and also plant cuttings. When farming organically, naturally occurring micro-biological organisms will break down fertilizer and
make it nutrients available to the plants. Due to the fact of this organic soil keeps its well being and nutrients without having having to add any damaging chemical substances.
When getting organic tea make sure that it is labeled as certified one hundred% organic, the very same requirements that are set for all organic generate also apply to tea production.  This certification need to come straight from the National Organic Plan which is regulated by the USDA.  Tea that is certified as organic need to be grown on farms that are inspected yearly by the certifying agency.  

We hope this gives you adequate purpose to start consuming only organic tea, you will have the peace of thoughts of know that your tea is not contaminated with pesticides and other chemical substances and is purely natural, the way it ought to be.

CJens is a health food nut as you can probably tell if you have study any of the past articles. I am presently involved in a lot of wellness food internet sites and starting to concentrate much more on fenugreek seeds and fenugreek tea, which is how I got into studying organic tea. As usually any concerns or comments are welcome.

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