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DOCTOR KING 100% ORGANIC JAPANESE MATCHA Green Tea Powder – Net Weight 4 oz (114 g) – MADE IN JAPAN

Most people know that green tea is healthy. Organic Japanese Matcha is the KING OF GREEN TEAS. Studies performed at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs showed that Japanese Matcha contains a phenomenal 137 TIMES MORE ANTIOXIDANTS than standard Chinese Green Tea (Weiss et al., 2003). Antioxidants are extremely important in PROTECTING YOUR HEALTH, because they are a great help in PROTECTING THE CELLS in your body from damaging free radicals, which are a cause of many major diseases. Evidence from recent studies indicates a 55-75% reduced risk of cardiovasular disease mortality (for example, death from myocardial infarction (‘heart attacks’)), 45-65% reduced risk of hypertension (‘high blood pressure’) and a 21-42% reduced risk of stroke (references are available on request)! Also, matcha is virtually fat-free and sugar-free and has 3 Calories per 1 gram serving. Our brand is 100% Organic and has no additives. You can enjoy culinary grade matcha in a matcha latte (matcha whisked with hot milk) or blended with your favorite fruit and/or vegetables into a smoothie. Organic Japanese Matcha is an excellent SUPERFOOD and an excellent choice for health-conscious people. It is rapidly becoming one of the WORLD’S TOP HEALTH SECRETS!