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Handcrafted Ceramic Tea Mug with Organic Loose Leaf Teas Gift Set by The Tea Spot

The perfect premium organic tea set! We’ve paired our best-selling Steeping Mug with two single-estate organic loose leaf teas, Monkey-Picked White and Blue Mountain Nilgiri. Legend has it that Buddhist monks trained monkeys to harvest tea leaves from the tops of wild tea trees. However, today the term monkey-picked refers to the highest quality tea. This 100% organic white tea comes from Fugian province – the venerable white tea producing region of China. It steeps into a golden liquor with a light buttery sweetness and slight apricot aroma. Our organic black tea comes from the Nilgiri Mountains, or “Blue Mountains”, of southern India. This 100% Organic & Fair Trade Certified tea has deep burgundy leaves that steep into an amber liquor, with a well-balanced body and a naturally sweet aftertaste. Our 16 oz Steeping Mug adds a lasting component to the set, to be enjoyed long into the future. This handcrafted ceramic tea mug makes loose leaf tea preparation simple and convenient. This modern 3-piece design (mug, infuser, & lid / saucer) allows you to steep loose teas as easy as tea bags. The large volume infuser allows ample room for tea to unfurl and release maximum flavor and aroma into the brew. The mug’s handle is especially helpful when drinking teas steeped at high temperatures. A perfect tea-for-one gift for the home or office of any tea lover.