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MATCHA Green Tea Powder – Fat Burner – 100% USDA Organic Certified – 137x ANTIOXIDANTS Than Brewed Green Tea – Sugar Free – Great for Green Tea Latte, Smoothie, Ice Cream and Baking – Coffee Substitute (4oz)

100% ORGANIC MATCHA – STONE-GRINDED WHY MATCHA? Unlike drinking brewed green tea, you drink the whole leaf plus the taste is twice as much as regular brewed green tea. With a tea spoon mixed in vanilla ice-cream you make your own Green Tea Ice-cream. Matcha is a GREAT afternoon drink to keep your stomach full helping you to stop cravings snack!Named Trendiest Ingredient of 2015 by – CBS News, the Huffington Post, and the Kitchn – Get on the ‘Matcha Madness’ – Yahoo – Hollywood Celebrities are already Drinking It HEALTH BENEFITS: • SUSTAINABLE ENERGY AND FOCUSUnlike coffee shots of energy, Matcha slowly and steadily releases its energy acting as both relaxant and stimulant. • ENHANCE METABOLISMGreen Tea powder, Matcha, increases the body’s own rate of burning calories from average of 9% to 35% and up to 43%. • 7X MORE ANTIOXIDANTS THAN DARK CHOCOLATEAccording to health professions high level of antioxidants diets can prevent age-related diseases, keeps your fit and you rejuvenate your body. • REJUVENATE YOUR SKINImproves oxygen level which facilitates blood flow lifting overall skin quality. High chlorophyll content organic matcha is a great for your skin • HIGH IN FIBER AND HELPS DETOXFiber helps the body stabilize blood sugar it also fills you up and keep improve your digestive health. • $7 RECIPE eBOOKFREE after purchase. Over 20 drink recipes, including secret to make Starbucks delicious Green Tea Latte, will be emailed to you. • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEEYes, you heard it right. Not happy with our product, just return the package and we will refund your money back 100% no-questions asked. So whats to lose? Organic, Lead Free Click the yellow Add to Cart button

Baetea Complexion Detox Tea ● Get Healthy + Glowing + Imperfection Free Skin ● Potent Traditional Organic Herbs ● Ultimate Way to Nourish & Fortify

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! Everyone wants to look and feel their best. For some, maintaining healthy glowing skin is easy, but for others it’s a living nightmare. What can you do? You want to give your skin a warm, healthy glow… BAETEA COMPLEXION TEA IS THE ONLY SOLUTION YOU NEED! Complexion Tea is a delicious antioxidant-rich green and white tea blend with minerals that will detox and nourish your skin cells. Specifically formulated to fortify the skin and help sustain health and hydration. The ultimate way to nourish and fortify your skin. Baetea Complexion Tea feeds, nourishes skin cells, and reduces internal impurities to promote glowing skin. WHAT SETS US APART? Besides being tried and true, we’ve found a healthy and natural way to take cleanse, rejuvenate, and take your skin to the next level. DELICIOUS TASTE Delicious blend of traditional organic herbs, light and refreshing with floral notes. With Organic Green Tea, White Tea, Goji Berries, and Osmanthus Petals. Made From Only The Best 100% Skin-Friendly Natural Ingredients. No Nasty Artificial Ingredients. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, BUY NOW

Arizona Pepper’s Organic Harvest Foods Gluten Free Sauces 2-Flavor Variety: One 5 oz Bottle Each of Jalapeño Pepper Sauce and Habanero Pepper Sauce in a Gift Box

About This Black Tie Mercantile Signature™ Gift Box: Hand made with organic peppers grown in the sunny Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico, Organic Harvest Foods Pepper Sauces are thick, zesty sauces that add exceptional flavor to just about any dish. Now get a Black Tie Mercantile Signature™ Gift Box for any occasion featuring one 5 oz bottle of Arizona Pepper’s Organic Harvest Foods Organic Jalapeño Pepper Sauce and one 5 oz bottle of Arizona Pepper’s Organic Harvest Foods Organic Habanero Pepper Sauce.

Amore di Mona Connoisseur Collection Dark Chocolate & Caramela Gift Box: 9 Oz Premium Assortment. Vegan, Non-gmo, Free of Gluten, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, & Soy. Low Glycemic & Allergy Friendly

Amore di Mona creates one of the world’s finest luxury dark chocolates. Enjoying this selection is an experience which evokes old world sophistication while satisfying modern desires. These chocolates contain only fresh, natural, organic, kosher, and non-GMO ingredients. What makes Amore di Mona’s Dark Chocolate and Caramela the perfect gift is the fact that they exceed every special diet’s needs, taking the worry out of gift-giving. Features: – Couverture – Nearly 80% cocoa – Fair Trade – Vegan – Free of common allergens (gluten, wheat, soy, milk, eggs, corn, fish, shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts), as is the facility in which it is made – Low glycemic / Diabetic-friendly. Sweetened with raw, organic, Fair Trade Madhava agave nectar. – Organic, non-GMO, kosher, preservative and artificial coloring free ingredients. “Essential for some, Enjoyable by all”

Go Naturally Organic Gluten Free Hard Candies Pomegranate — 3.5 oz

For more than 20 years, Hillside Candy has offered delicious “better-for you” products made with American pride. This commitment continues in our great tasting GoNaturally USDA Certified Organic Candy. Our hand-made treats are naturally sweetened and drenched with pure flavors, without any high fructose corn syrup, additives or artificial colors. As an added benefit, GoNaturally candies are gluten free. Try all of our mouth watering varieties.

GoOrganic Honey Gluten Free Hard Candies, 3.5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)

Gonaturally organic honey gluten free hard candies comes in packe of 6, each weighs 3.5 ounce bags (total of 21 ounces). It is made by hand in america. It is gluten free and contains all natural flavors. Hillside candy is our company’s corporate umbrella name for three brands of candy. The brands are golightly sugar free candy, in business since 1980 (though the business started many years earlier), hillside sweets, a line of sugar based hard candy, and gonaturally, a line of USDA certified organic candy. These 3 made in america lines are sold in drug store chains, mass merchandisers, grocery chains, supermarkets, gourmet stores, rebaggers, gift basket companies and other businesses. Each of hillside’s lines offers quality, consistency and delicious taste.

Anthony’s USDA Organic Chia Seeds Bulk (2.5lb, 40oz.) Certified Gluten-Free

♫ Cha-Cha-Cha-Chi..our lawyers tell us we can not legally finish the phrase ♫ Seriously who would have thought that after, what is it, like 15 years? – the stuff you used to shmear on a rock like cream on a bagel and watch grow, would be a great source of omega-3 and protein? ♫ Chia seeds are great as a replacement for sesame or poppy seeds. Additionally, they are perfect for baking, since they add a healthy boost to items like cakes, cookies and even bread, as they are chalk full of fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants! ♫ If you are looking for other ideas on how to use chia, you can add onto your favorite salad, to your morning yogurt or even on your lunch wraps. Give it a try! Our USDA Organic Chia Seeds are certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and batch tested verified Gluten-Free by Celiac Spruce Association (CSA).

4lb Organic Black Chia Seeds – NON GMO, Kosher, RAW, Gluten Free

Our organic black chia seeds are of the highest quality. These seeds are harvested and shelled in Argentina and then we import them to the United States. Once in the USA, they enter our state of the art packaging facility where they are put through quality control and packaged into sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. We don’t sell to distributors or retailers, so all of that markup disappears and you are able to enjoy a premium organic superfood direct to your door at a better value. Enjoy these NON GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher, Organic black chia seeds that are rich in Omega 3s. NON GMO chia seeds are not easily found in stores, and if they are they tend to be extremely expensive. We offer bulk organic chia seeds, however to deliver the best priced organic chia seeds, we sell only direct to the consumer in order to avoid the markup of distributors and retailers. Consider looking at our reviews and see what other Amazon customers are saying about our organic black chia seeds. You are getting chia seeds that are Organic, NON GMO, Kosher, Gluten Free, and RAW. Enjoy the Organic Merchants premium chia seeds today

Certified Organic Chia Seeds Bulk 5 Pound Bag – Non GMO Verified 5lbs Black Chia Seed – Perfect for Smoothies and Other Recipes & Drinks – Shipped From USA – Pesticide and Chemical Free Chia

Organic Chia seeds are topping “must have superfood” lists again for 2014! This tiny seed is packed full of goodness and they’re so versatile, there is no excuse not to get this nutritional boost! More calcium then milk, the protein of an egg, and more fiber then whole grain bread! Chosen Foods chia seeds are grown in Mexico and Boliva in the volcanic high country where the temperatures are right and the soil is packed with nutrients. All of our chia is grown 100% free of any chemicals or pesticides. We provide certificate of analysis on ever lot of chia we sell – just ask! We are proud to offer one of the only chia cleaning facilities in the United States. This means your chia from Chosen Foods is going to be double, sometimes triple cleaned for sticks, weed seeds and other plant particles. We promise you the cleanest product on the market. What Our Customers Are Saying on Our Website: “This is my 3rd order from Chosen Foods, and I have been entirely happy with the service on each occasion. I appreciate the switch to 5-pound resealable bags of chia seeds, which makes storage much more convenient. Overall, Chosen Foods is A+.” – Clifford C. “Love them! And I was impressed with the packaging material and how clean the seeds were. Great job. Thank you!” – Judy K. “Great price! When the order arrived, it was packaged just right, totally clean, exactly what I wanted. I will buy this product again from Chosen Foods when I run out. I’ve seen other products by this company and have tried them based on my experience with purchasing chia seeds. Wonderful Products and Great company!” – Tria S.

GoNaturally Organic Assorted Gluten Free Hard Candies, 30-Ounce Bag

Gonaturally organic assorted gluten free hard candies comes in pack of 6, each weighs 3.5 ounce bags (total of 21 ounces). It has no artificial is made by hand in america. It is gluten free and contains all natural flavors. Hillside candy is our company’s corporate umbrella name for three brands of candy. The brands are golightly sugar free candy, in business since 1980 (though the business started many years earlier), hillside sweets, a line of sugar based hard candy, and gonaturally, a line of USDA certified organic candy. These 3 made in america lines are sold in drug store chains, mass merchandisers, grocery chains, supermarkets, gourmet stores, rebaggers, gift basket companies and other businesses. Each of hillside’s lines offers quality, consistency and delicious taste.

Organic Walnut Fudge Brownie – Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO [4 Brownies in Gift Box]

These Walnut Fudge Brownies are fudgy and delicious. With a hint of Himalayan Pink Seasalt and crunchy toasted Organic walnuts you can’t go wrong here! Wait, these are Gluten free and vegan too?? Unbelievable. Not only are these brownies delicious, but you don’t have to feel bad either! They are made with healthy oils and all organic, vegan ingredients. They also come packaged in a cute recycled Kraft gift box in case you were buying these for special someone. Product highlights: These Brownies are individually wrapped so you don’t have to eat them all at once! You can at them at your own pace without having to worry about them drying out! Packaged in a 100% recycled Kraft gift box. This product is: Cholesterol Free, gluten free, soy free, organic and vegan friendly! Our Story We are a small family operated company committed to providing healthy organic alternatives to modern day snack foods. Being young organic farmers in Iowa we are completely surrounded by the foundation of today’s food market. Large scale corn and soy farms subsidized by corporate interests, with an emphasis on quantity over quality. Being reminded of this reality every day, we strive to make a shift in the market by offering people the choice to make a change. By purchasing our products you are not only supporting our small business, but you are supporting all the small scale organic farmers we source our ingredients from. We offer you a product that is not only better for yourself, but better for the world as a whole. Together we can show the world that we want healthier whole organic foods, and we want foods that taste good and make us feel great too! – Organic Matters

The Organic Baby Food Cookbook: Keep Your Precious Child Healthy, Free of Chemicals, and GMOs with 100 Delicious Baby Puree Recipes

Keep Your Little One Healthy And Free Of Harmful Chemicals! Are you a Mom that wants to feed your baby or toddler nutritious food by pureeing the same foods that you serve your family? The recipes in this book are divided into two stages based on your child’s age. There are also recipes for drinks, treats, and snacks. At the end of the book, you will find five smoothie recipes just for mommies who are breastfeeding. Find a recipe to make a healthy snack for your toddler that you can take with you when you leave the house. There is a list of ingredients and easy directions and most of the snacks can be made ahead of time. Recipes you will Discover InsideStage One 4-6 monthsTropical Puree RecipesPut a Fork in it (Fork-Mashed Baby Food)Stage Two 6-12 monthsToddler Snacks, Drinks, and TreatsOn the go Toddler Snacks for busy MomsJust for Mommy Would You Like to Know More? You don’t have to worry whether your baby or toddler is eating healthy food when you prepare it right in your kitchen. The recipes you need to puree food for your baby and then gradually introduce new foods are including in this book. There are also recipes for food that can be easily mashed when your toddler is ready for them. There are 100 recipes in this book that can take you through the time that your baby starts to eat solid food until they are a toddler and eating food that can be mashed with a fork. The recipes include breakfast foods, fruits, vegetables, and desserts. So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and grab a copy of The Organic Baby Food Cookbook NOW!

5lb NON GMO Organic Cane Sugar – Kosher – Gluten Free

This Organic cane sugar is produced in an environmentally and eco friendly environment in Paraguay. We import the material directly and then pack it in our state of the art certified organic facility. By cutting out the distributor and the retailer, we are able to offer better pricing and higher quality direct to the consumer. Our products are of the highest quality in the market and we use only sustainable and eco-friendly packaging on all of our natural and organic products. Organic cane sugar is often referred to as evaporated cane juice or evaporated cane juice crystals. These are all the same thing. Measures just like table sugar for a cup for cup alternative to refined white sugar.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Nighty Night Tea – Caffeine Free – 16 Bags

Sealed Fresh For Relief of Occasional Sleeplessness USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified Ingredients Herbal Dietary Supplement Certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) Kosher Sustainability ? Partnership Knowledge ? Efficacy Every tea bag in this box has been individually wrapped and sealed for freshness, ensuring that the beneficial components of the herbs remain intact. Indications: For the relief of occasional sleeplessness. What will it do for me? Organic Nighty Night is for relief of occasional sleeplessness. How do I know it works? The use of passionflower, hops and chamomile for restlessness and mild sleeping difficulties is supported by clinical data and by traditional use. When should I use it? Drink 2-3 cups of Organic Nighty Night late in the day to encourage relaxation and 1/2 hour before bedtime. How does it taste? It’s an aromatic balance of slightly minty, mildly bitter and sweet, with notes of spice and citrus.

HealthWorks Pesticide and Chemical Free Chia Seeds 2 Pounds

Looking for superfoods to keep you healthy and strong? Chia seeds are packed with nutrients, protein, calcium, Omega fatty acids, and fiber. Native Americans found that when you hydrate Chia seeds with the water, the shells open up and the seeds absorb the water. The result is Chia Seed Gel – a super hydrating, filling, and endurance-building gel that contains 90% soluble fiber (great for the digestive track). You can also use these little seeds in baked goods, salads, smoothies, stir-fries, as a thickener in sauces, and an egg replacement in baking. We love our Chia Seeds and stand behing it — Get a full refund or replacement within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied.

Non-GMO All Natural & Organic Snacks Bundle (GMO Free, No Artificial Colors or Flavors) Children Lunch Chip Bundle 15ct

Non-GMO Bundle Includes Following Snacks 1) Angies Kettle Corn, Boom Chicka Pop, Sea Salt Pop Corn, 0.60oz2) Good Health, Veggie Stix Single Serve, 1.0oz 3) Barbara’s Bakery, Snackimals, Animal Cookies, Vanilla, 1oz 4) Annie’s Homegrown, Cheddar Bunnies, 1.00oz 5) Lundberg Farms, Rice Chips, Fiesta Lime, 1.50oz 6) Kettle, Potato Chips Backyard BBQ, 1.50oz 7) Pirate’s Booty, White Cheddar, 1.00oz 8) Terra, Chip Veg Original, 1.0oz 9) Late July, Mini Peanut butter Sandwich Cracker, 1.25oz 10) 479, Sea Salt Caramel, 1.25oz 11) Food should taste good, Multigrain, 1.5oz 12) Good Boy Organics Baked Organic Potato Snack, Sea Salt, 0.8oz 13) Good Boy Organics Baked Organic Potato Snack, Sour Cream and Onion 0.8oz 14) Snikiddy Snacks Cheddar Cheese, Baked Fries, 1oz 15) Snikiddy Rice & Corn Puffs, Mac n’ Cheese, 0.75oz * Single item in picture is subject to change upon availability ** Flavors in picture are subject to change upon availability