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The Sprout House Chia Organic Sprouting Seeds 1 Pound

Chia Certified Organic Non-GMO Sprouting Seeds These seeds are one of the gelatinous seeds like flax, arugula and cress. That means that they form a gel-like sac around the seed when in the presence of water. They are best sprouted in a Terra Cotta Sprouter or you can use a plastic tray sprouter with one of our Sure To Grow Mats. Yes, you can also use your Chia Pet. My husband has an Elmer Fudd Chia Pet that has been bald for many years, and he is excited to get started with growing Elmer’s hair again. Chia seeds absorb about 10 times their weight in water, that is what makes them such a great bulk laxative. Because the seed shell is more easily digestible then the flax seed, our bodies are able to break down the seed itself, without being ground up first. This mild tasting seed will keep you coming back for more. It is a powerhouse of nutrients as well as taste.

The Sprout House Organic Sprouting Seeds – Power Cleanser 1 Pound – Sunflower and Buckwheat

You are purchasing 1 lbs of Organic Sprouting Seeds Power Cleanser a mix of Buckwheat and Sunflower. These seeds need about 10 days before they are ready to eat. They produce buckwheat and sunflower greens. Great for juicing. We ship all seeds by the pound – with a few exceptions notably broccoli, red cabbage, onion and garlic. These are shipped in 1/2 pound packages. We will package your seeds as economically as possible. Such as if you order 8 pounds of seed, you will get one bag of 8 pounds of seeds. If this method does not suit you or your needs, please send me an email:

The Sprout House Certified Organic Non-gmo Hulled Sunflower Seeds 1 Pound

You are purchasing 1 pound of Certified Organic Non-GMO Hulled Sunflower seeds. These sunflower seeds have NO SHELL – these are just the meats of the sunflower. You can use these by soaking for a few hours and them put them in for pates, or pie shells or add them to soups and salads for CRUNCH and TASTE. They will NOT yield greens.