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Onceagain Almond Butter-Raw/Crunchy (100% Organic), 16-Ounce

Enjoy the wholesome goodness of pure organic almonds with Crunchy Raw Almond Nut Butter from Once Again. Once Again Almond Butter is made by simply grinding 100% organic, raw almonds into a pleasing, crunchy, and spreadable texture. Almond butter has a naturally sweet flavor and provides a great source of protein, fiber, and mono-unsaturated fats.Once Again Almond Butter is produced with organically grown almonds from California (90%) and Italy (10%). Once Again supports fair trade work practices both within the United States and internationally. The Once Again company develops and supports domestic and international fair trade, small organic farms and cooperatives, as well as educational, medical and employment programs in Nicaragua. Once Again has been employee owned since 1976.Once Again foods are:USDA OrganicSafe Quality Foods (SQF) 2000 Level 3 certifiedApproved by the Organic Crop Improvement AssociationOregon Tilth Certified OrganicKosher Certified (BVK): Kosher/Parve