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Late July Organic Classic Rich Crackers, 6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)

Late July Organic Classic Rich Crackers contains no trans fats, hydrogenated oils, cholesterol, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors and are vegetarian, dairy free. The ingredients for our new snacks are a throwback to the days before modern agribusiness. Unlike conventional, pesticide-sprayed crops grown for high yields rather than flavor, organic crops are fragile and expensive, but the payoff is immense: superior flavor, peace of mind, and a cleaner, safer environment. Our recipes are inspired by a bygone era as well. Through our snacks, we hope to perpetuate the tradition of the small, local 19th century snack maker that used to be found all across the country. Our Organic Classic Rich is a fancy cracker with a slightly sweet, buttery toasted flavor made with organic, soft, red winter wheat. Only the finest mills provide the soft, red winter wheat. This wheat’s lower gluten content combined with non-hydrogenated, trans fat free organic palm oil (not to be confused with palm kernel oil) gives our cracker its flaky texture. The hint of sweetness is supplied by organic can juice. Our Organic Classic Rich brings out the fruity, nutty flavor of firm cheeses like Swiss Gruyere and French Comte, and provides a wonderful foil for creamy, ripened cheeses such as Brie and Camembert. These characteristics make it perfect for serving at wine and cheese parties, and to take along on picnics.