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Sun Maid Organic Raisins-32 oz, 2 ct

Sun-Maid Organic Sun Dried Raisins are exclusively grown by Sun-Maid’s Certified Organic growers. These Growers meet the strictest standards for organic agriculture. Once Organic California Thompson Seedless Grapes have reached their maximum sweetness. They are harvested and naturally Sun Dried to perfection. They’re a great addition to cereals, Salads, baked goods, or eaten for a high-energy snack. Sun-Maid California Raisins have always been part of a healthy diet. They’re 100% natural, with no pils added. A fast, easy way to get more fruit into your diet is with Sun-Maid Organic Raisins. With Sun-Maid, You get it all – Quality, Taste, Convenience and 100% real fruit goodness.

Mediterranean Organic Organic Tree-Ripened Black Olives 8.1 oz. (Pack of 12)

These large organic black olives are truly unique and different. Unlike conventional olives which are picked green and then colored with ferrous sulfate to achieve their black color, Mediterranean Organic’s Black Olives are picked very late in the season. This gives them enough time to turn naturally on the tree. This also enhances the flavor of these very delicate olives. Naturally cured, just like all the other Mediterranean Organic Olives, they have a wine-flavored taste. They complement almost any meal and are excellent for salads and party platters! Tree-ripened. No ferrous sulfates used. Product of Turkey.

Ajika Organic Japanese 7 Spices – Shichimi Togarashi, 2.2 -Oz.

Ajika uses the ancient knowlege of a cuisine to craft its spices weaving in the characteristic tastes of a region. The art of mixing spices is at the heart of Ajika’s skill. According to the ancient art of combining spices it is important to bring a range of different kinds of tastes and textures together so they create an ideal balance that tantalizes the taste buds- sweet, tangy, bitter, astringent, savory and pungent. Spice blends are at the heart of great flavor cooking.

Dutch Gold Honey 100% Organic Wildflower Honey 12 oz.

The process of creating honey is a tricky one! There actually need to be specific bees collecting the pollens from specific flowers, and transporting them back to a specific hive. The hive must be made of wood, and the comb formations of organic beeswax. Each bee living in the organic colony must be numbered and monitored to keep them from collecting non-organic pollens, and the organic bees cannot be fed – this would make the honey produced non-organic. After bottling, the organic honey is kept segregated and away from other honeys to prevent the products mingling together. Due to careful monitoring, we can ensure that this Dutch Gold honey is purely 100% USDA organic!

Newman’s Own Organics – Licorice Twists Strawberry – 5 oz.

For the past 20 years, Newman’s Own Organics has been offering Great Tasting Products That Happen to Be Organic. Our Strawberry Licorice is an all-natural licorice twist made with organic sugar. You can feel good about sharing these licorice twists with your family as they are made without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Through the sale of it’s products, Newman’s Own Organics generates money for the Newman’s Own Foundation to donate to a wide variety of charitable organizations.

WILD JO: 12 oz, Dark French Roast Organic Coffee, Ground Coffee, New Name. Bold Strong Wicked Good Coffee! Great Brewed or Espresso, USDA Certified Fair Trade Organic, 100% Arabica Coffee, NON-GMO

• Jo Coffee is a subsidiary coffee business and trademarked brand of Specialty Java Inc., (Founded 2002) and is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, The Roaster’s Guild, Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade USA and Slow Food USA. • Visit our Jo Coffee website for further information or fundraiser, wholesale and distributor inquiries.

Eden Organic Dry Roasted Pumpkin Seed Sampler – Six 4 Oz. Pouches

Low sodium. Organically grown. Double certified. Delicious, perfectly roasted organic pumpkin seeds, lightly coated. A source of potassium iron zinc and omega 3 6 and 9. Although they are high in fat they are low in saturated fats and higher in healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. According to a study conducted in Thailand researchers have found that eating pumpkin seeds as a snack can help prevent the most common type of kidney stone called a calcium oxalate stone. Pumpkin seeds appear to reduce levels of substances that promote stone formation in the urine and increases levels of substances that inhibit

Nutiva Organic Shelled Hemp Seed, 12-oz. Pouches (Count of 2)

Nutiva’s certified organic hemp seeds are grown without any chemical pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Are Nutiva hemp seeds raw? Yes! Nutiva’s hemp products are cold-processed (under 104°F) from raw, live hemp seeds. Nutiva utilizes a mechanical process to remove the hard shells, yielding our delicious organic shelled hemp seeds.

Pure Organic Ancient Grain Bar, Peanut Butter Chocolate, 1.23 oz. 12 Count

Exclusive blend of ancient grains – quinoa, amaranth, flax and hemp which offers a balanced and nutritional snack. Pure ancient grain bars are the perfect snack with only 160 calories and 8 gram sugar, while offering 5 gram of protein. Certified organic, gluten-free, vegan, kosher and non-GMO verified.

Molasses, Blackstrap, Unsulfured, Organic, 15 oz.

Unsulfured blackstrap molasses is more than just a sweetener. It’s full of health promoting vitamins and minerals and makes a great nutritional supplement. Taken from the second pressing of the cane, all of the white sugar has been removed from this molasses leaving all the trace elements, especially all of those valuable minerals. Delicious mixed in herbal teas or in hot water with lemon and milk. There are 3 different grades of molasses. The first and second grades are fairly sweet. Blackstrap molasses is the third grade it’s not very sweet, but it does have the highest vitamin and mineral content of all three grades.

YumEarth Organic Pops and Drops Sampler, 12 Count-38 oz.

Contains: 15 Assorted Fruit Pops(Pomegranate Pucker, TooBerry Blueberry, Mango Tango, Wet-Face Watermelon), 15 Super Sour Pops(Googly Grape, Sour Apple Tart, Strawberry Smash, Very Very Cherry), 15 Vitamin C Pops, (Strawberry Smash, TooBerry Blueberry, Razzmatazz Berry), 15 Strawberry Smash Pops, 15 Hot Chili Pops(Chili Mango Mambo, Chili Lime Lambada) 3.3-Ounce Pouch of assorted Fruit Drops (Pomegranate Pucker, Lucky Lime, Mango Tango, Wet-Face Watermelon), 3.3-Ounce Pouch of Pomegranate Pucker Drops, 3.3-Ounce Pouch of Vitamin C Drops (Blood Orange Cocktail, Lucky Lime, Tickled Pink Grapefruit, Cheeky Lemon), 3.3-Ounce Pouch of Wild Peppermint Drops, 3.3-Ounce Pouch of Ginger Zest Drops, 3.3-Ounce Pouch of Roadside Root Beer Drops, 3.3-Ounce Pouch of Cheeky Lemon Drops

Pure Natural Amber Cane Sugar in Cubes from France 2 lbs 3.3 oz. /1 Kg

Because you are selective when it comes to your coffees and teas, we think you should be the same about your sugar. These premium quality sugar cubes have a rich flavor with hints of honey and vanilla. They dissolve quickly and uniformly, making them perfect for coffee or tea. Saint Louis sugar contains essential nutrients not found in highly processed sugar, contributing to a more healthy and balanced diet. Drop a Saint Louis pebble in your cup and embrace a world of tradition, adventure and luxury. Also available in white. These cane sugar cubes are imported from France.

Happy Tot Organic Baby Food, Stage 4, Spinach, Mango and Pear, 4.22-oz. Pouches (Pack of 16)

About HAPPYBABY: Our mission is to provide you with the absolute best foods for your little one. We work with Dr. Sears to come up tasty recipes using only natural nutrition & yummy organic ingredients. Contains Salba, an ancient gluten-free grain. It is an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids & provides fiber, protein, calsicum, iron and many other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This rich source of nutrients is featured in the HAPPYBABY line and is recommended by Dr. Sears! Enjoy!

Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk, 16-Count Boxes, .99 oz. (Count of 6)

Personality : supportive, empowering and believes in you. Herbal power : traditionally used to help nursing mothers with breast milk production. Reason to love : while your bundle of joy is probably causing you no end of delight, moms can also feel overwhelmed and tired, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. We love the fact that this herbal tea has traditionally been used to help mothers support their production of breast milk and to promote healthy lactation. With herbs like fennel, anise (which give the tea a sweet, licorice like taste), coriander and fenugreek, each sip is like stepping into a tradition that has been passed down from woman to woman for hundreds of years. Taste sweet, spicy, slightly bitter with a distinct licorice-like taste. The statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.