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SunFood Coconut Palm Sugar Organic — 1 lb

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar by Sunfood 1 lb Granule Organic Coconut Palm Sugar 1 lb Granule What Is Coconut Palm Sugar Coconut palm sugar comes directly from the blossoms of Indonesian coconut trees (Cocos nucifera). It is made by evaporating coconut nectar from tropical palm flowers. The process of making coconut sap sugar is similar to how maple sugar crystals are made. Farmers gently hand-harvest the buds and collect the sweet nectar using traditional methods. The syrup is then kettle-boiled dehydrated and ground into crystals. Coconut palm sugar looks similar to brown sugar however it has not been chemically altered or enhanced in any way making it a pure natural whole food sweetener. Note to raw purists Coconut palm sugar is not a raw product as it is evaporated using temperatures above 120 degrees. Suggested Use As a dietary supplement Coconut palm sugar is simple to use as it dissolves easily in liquids and can be used 1 1 to regular sugar. It has a full unique delightful carame