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Vivente Zero Calorie Organic Sweetener with Fiber and Probiotics, 45 Count

Vivente zero calorie organic sweetener with fiber and probiotics is a blend of plant extracts organic sweeteners, organic blue agave soluble fiber (inulin) and lactobacillus, making it great for the entire family. With a glycemic index of zero, it’s great for people with diabetes as well. Because Vivente is fortified with soluble fiber metlin and micro encapsulated lactobacillus, it has a symbiotic prebiotic and probiotic effect, meaning that their benefits are greater together rather than separate. Each packet contains 1 gram of prebiotic soluble fiber and 40 million lactobacillus. Regular use of Vivente may help you maintain a healthy digestion, strong immune and skeletal systems while keeping your calories low. Vivente has a great taste. Add it to your coffee, tea, smoothies or anything that needs a little sweetness. What makes it sweet ubersub is our proprietary blend of all natural plant extract, which is organic certified and GRAS by FDA. This makes Vivente delicious with no bitter aftertaste. In addition: reduces anxiety for sweet food, helps eliminate toxins due to it’s diuretic and digestive action, does not produce caries, it is compatible with fluoride and retards plaque production in teeth. Soluble dietary fiber, inulin is a soluble fiber that reaches the small intestine and feeds the “good” bacteria or probiotics promoting a healthy digestion. Additionally, studies have proven that inulin fortifies virus fighting blood cells, increases our body’s ability to absorb calcium and magnesium giving us stronger bones, helps lower cholesterol and reduces the substances in our body that produce colon cancer. Probiotic. The probiotic used in Vivente is lactobacillus rhamnosus, which is micro encapsulated by dry freeze process making it stable for a long shelf life. The micro capsule also protects the probiotics in cold and hot temperatures and making it possible to survive the trip through our stomach and gastrointestinal track.