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DOCTOR KING 100% Finest Ceremonial Grade Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea – Top Grade: Ceremonial Grade A – Net Weight 1.06 oz (Premium, Top Quality, Grade A, First Harvest Matcha).

WHAT IS MATCHA? Doctor King Finest Ceremonial Grade Organic Japanese Matcha is an exquisite, finely milled green tea made from the finest, young, shade-grown leaves, which were selected during the first harvest from Camellia Sinensis plants grown in beautiful organic tea gardens in Japan. During cultivation, special covers were applied over the plants for more than twenty days to produce shade. Shade induces production of chlorophyll, L-theanine and other valuable nutrients in the leaves. Unlike other green teas (where after steeping the tea, the leaves are removed), the leaves are consumed in matcha green tea, with all their valuable nutrients. WHAT ARE THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF ORGANIC JAPANESE MATCHA? The health benefits include: [1] Matcha tea is a SUPER due to the high density of antioxidants. Research at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, USA, indicates that Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha contains 137 times the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) antioxidants of standard green tea, specifically China Green Tips Green Tea (Weiss et al., 2003). Antioxidants are important in helping to PROTECT cells, DNA and other molecules in the body from damaging free RADICALS. Free radicals are a cause of many common diseases. [2] Research suggests that matcha green tea helps with WEIGHT LOSS (fat loss) as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. There are various mechanisms. For example, EGCG inhibits the enzyme catechol-O-methyltransferase, which leads to an increase in noradrenaline. Noradrenaline leads to activation of hormone-sensitive lipase which brings about fat breakdown. [3] L-theanine has many benefits e.g. it improves RELAXATION without inducing drowsiness and increases CONCENTRATION without inducing anxiety. Matcha is low in caffeine (32 mg caffeine per gram of matcha). Due to these and many other health benefits, many doctors and nutritionists recommend that you drink highest quality organic Japanese matcha tea every day.

Dog Food Secrets: Best Quality Brands, Natural And Organic Diets, Dog Nutrition Ideas (Dog Food Series Book 1)

Amazing Dog Food Secrets – All your questions are about to be answered! I know you love your dog and I am sure you also know how much responsibility a doggy brings to the owner. Healthy and proper feeding is one of those responsibilities – very important for your dog’s health. If you questioned yourself how to feed your dog so it will stay fit, healthy and happy, well, your questioning ends right here! This book will teach you everything you should know about proper dog food nutrition, what kind of food is the best for it and where can you get the best dog food. You will learn about dog food diets, premium brands, organic dog food and nutrition. You will finally know how to provide your dog with a high quality and healthy food. Here is exactly what you will learn from my book Dog Food Secrets: – What kind of dog food is the best for your dog – What food you should avoid at all costs – How to choose healthy food for your pet – How to keep your dog happy with organic food – What canned food is the best for dogs – Is the newest trend of low fat dog food really good for your animal? – Is premium dog food really that good? – Nutritional content of commercial dog foods – and much more! Don’t hesitate to download this book now. You and your dog will be greatful very much! Tags: dog food diet, dog food logic, dog food brands, dog food secrets, natural dog food, organic dog food, dog food nutrition, quality dog food

Trader Joe’s Organic Sugar Evaporated Cane Juice Certified USDA Organic Certified Organic Quality Assurance International and Kosher (QAI) 2 Pound Bag (32 Oz)

Trader Joe’s Organic Sugar contains only one ingredient: pure, natural, organic evaporated cane juice. Grown on sustainable sugar farms and plantations in Paraguay, the sugar cane is cut by hand, then delivered to a facility where the juice is extracted from the cane. The evaporation process produces perfect sugar crystals, rich in flavor and molasses. Certified Organic and Kosher, Trader Joe’s Organic Sugar is a wholesome sweetener you can feel good about. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI).