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Organic Vegetable Gardening A to Z: Start With A Seed And Shovel, End With Food On Your Plate

Kill The Weeds, Plant The Seeds, Fill Your Needs Today everything we eat is covered in pesticides or is genetically modified. What does this mean? Well it means cancer is on the horizon for the entire human population. As the population grows and the earth has reached carrying capacity, scientists have had to engineer ways to increase the food supply. The chemicals being used are proven to cause cancer later in life, so why the HELL are we eating it?! It’s time to put a stop to all the nasty pesticides, but you cannot rely on others to do it for you. In this book I guide you through creating your very own vegetable garden from step one all the way until the food is on your plate. This is truly the only way to know if your food is organic and pesticide free. What You Will Discover InsidePre-garden preparation tipsHow to plan your garden efficientlyHow to optimize your soil for the best growthSelecting which veggies to plantFinding the best seeds for your gardenMaintaining your garden and keeping it healthy Would You Like To Know More? This book contains one the most important health decisions you could make. The question is will you choose to start growing your own veggies or will you wake up tomorrow with cancers from all the pesticides and GMOs? If you are ready to start improving your health and life than scroll up and grab your copy of Organic Vegetable Gardening A to Z.