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Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move, 16-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

Personality: Confident and empowering, a relief to be around. Herbal Power: Relieves occasional constipation, generally produces a bowel movement within 6-12 hours. Reason to Love: Just about everyone experiences constipation occasionally– uncomfortable, embarrassing and a real damper on life. For gentle, overnight relief, we love our senna-based herbal tea.Used for thousands of years to get your “movement” moving again, senna works by gently stimulating your intestines and aiding your body’s natural elimination process.Traditionally combined with fennel, coriander and ginger to reduce the potential for unpleasant feelings like cramping, Smooth Move is best taken at bedtime. Sip and sleep easy knowing you’ll be right as rain in the morning. Taste: Sweet and slightly bitter, with citrus-orange and spice notes. The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Once Again Peanut Butter American Classic Smooth — 16 oz

Our Old Fashioned Peanut Butters are made by roasting and grinding unblanched, dry roasted Virginia peanuts smooth or crunchy. You may notice speckles inside the butter. That is because this naturally sweet peanut is roasted and milled with the skins left on to produce a sweet flavor.

Woodstock Farms – All-Natural Raw Almond Butter Smooth Unsalted – 16 oz.

Woodstock Farms – All-Natural Raw Almond Butter Smooth Unsalted – 16 oz (1 lb) 454g Woodstock FarmsAll-Natural Raw Almond Butter Smooth Unsalted is processed with minimal additional heat to preserve the delicate almond flavor. Woodstock Farms Organic Raw Almond Butter Smooth Unsalted is Non-GMO Project Verified . The delicious taste of almond, perfect for spreading on bread and more! WoodstockRaw Almond Butter is made with unblanched almonds to preserve the highest level of nutrients and flavor. Non-GMO Project Verified Vegan No Sodium No Artificial Preservatives Frequently Asked Questions What do I do if my Woodstock Foods nut butter has oil on the top? Separation in natural and organic nut butters is normal. Simply mix the oil back into the nut butter prior to first use. Separation will not occur after that. Do Woodstock nut butters need to be refrigerated after opening? No, Woodstock Farms nut butters do not need to be refrigerated after opening. Refrigeration will help reduce the amount of natural separation of oil and nut butter. You can refrigerate prior to first use to assist in blending the oil into the nut butter. Are all Woodstock nut butters gluten free? Woodstock Farms recognizes people have sensitivities to wheat and gluten. Their nut butters are produced in multiple facilities, therefore it is important to check the labels, but they also offer a simple guide to help you, below: – Woodstock Organic & Natural Nut Butters packed in glass jars are produced in a gluten-free facility. – Woodstock Organic Easy Spread Nut Butters packed in PET jars are not produced in a gluten-free facility. Non-GMO Twenty-five years ago, they began selling natural and organic foods with the belief that good food came from simple ingredients farmed from sources you could trust.