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Plum Kids Organic Jammy Sammy, Strawberry Jam and Peanut Butter, 5.15 Ounce

At plum organics, we believe that all children deserve access to healthy, wholesome foods. We want kids to grow, learn, and play. And one day change the world. Plum kids know that what’s good for you should taste good too. Our organic packable snacks make it easy to nourish your kids with yummy, balanced nutrition. From lunchtime to on-the-go kids never stop, and neither does plum. So grab a snack from our whole line of fruits, grains, yogurts, and yes even veggies. we’ll be there anytime with real organic foods to inspire a joy of eating and energy for exploration.

Plum Organics Mighty 4 – Kale Strawberry Amaranth Greek Yogurt (1 Count)

Plum Organics Mighty 4 pouches are an essential nutrition blend of fruits, veggies, grains and Greek yogurt. This deliciously balanced snack contains vitamins, protein, fiber and Omega 3s to fuel your active tot. And with amazing flavor combos squeezed into one easy, pleasy pouch, we make it easy for your mighty one to enjoy on-the-go goodness anytime.

Newman’s Own Organics – Licorice Twists Strawberry – 5 oz.

For the past 20 years, Newman’s Own Organics has been offering Great Tasting Products That Happen to Be Organic. Our Strawberry Licorice is an all-natural licorice twist made with organic sugar. You can feel good about sharing these licorice twists with your family as they are made without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Through the sale of it’s products, Newman’s Own Organics generates money for the Newman’s Own Foundation to donate to a wide variety of charitable organizations.

Earth’s Best Organic Sunny Days Snack Bars, Strawberry, 8 Count (Pack of 6)

Earth’s Best Sesame Street Sunny Days Snack Bars are juicy in flavor with fruit inside a wholesome cereal crust. They come individually wrapped and are perfect for on-the-go eating. Earth’s Best is committed to fostering healthy habits for children by providing fun, convenient, foods with superior nutrition. Every item in the Earth’s Best Sesame Street line is designed to meet toddlers’ special nutritional needs, as recommended by the nutritional and pediatric experts from the Earth’s Best Medical Advisory Board. Containing an excellent source of iron, zinc, and six B vitamins, our delicious breakfasts, meals and snacks make healthy eating fun throughout the day. Earth’s Best Sesame Street is part of Sesame Workshop’s multifaceted Healthy Habits for Life initiative designed to start children off with healthier habits early on in life.

HAPPYBABY Organic Puffs Sampler (6 Count), 60g each, (Strawberry, Sweet Potato, Banana, Purple Carrot and Blueberry, Green Puffs, Apple)

HAPPYBABY organic puffs are made with whole grains and the natural flavor of real fruit and vegetable juices–gives your baby variety and builds growing palettes. These are the very first melt-in-your-mouth organic finger foods for your baby. These puffs teach the baby tactility, self-feeding and might buy you some much needed silence. The puffs come in a green packaging that reduces HAPPYBABY’s footprint and offers you 40% more in each container. They are all organic with 100% natural ingredients, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no genetic modifications, and no preservatives. They contain half the sugar as compared to the other leading brands and are a good source of iron, vitamin D, calcium, and B vitamins. This is sold in a pack of six 2.1-ounce containers. Why buy individual cases to get every flavor, or only buy one at a time. Enjoy the convenience of a variety pack with every flavor! Current varieties are Apple, Banana, Greens, Strawberry, and Sweet Potato.

Gerber Organic Yogurt Melts Fruit Snacks, Banana and Strawberry, 1 Oz

Gerber Organic Yogurt Melts Gerber Organic Yogurt Melts Fruit Snacks are real yogurt and fruit snacks without the mess. These freeze-dried snacks are made with USDA-certified organic yogurt, and no preservatives. They’re great for snacking at home or away, and the melt-in-your-mouth texture allows for easy chewing and swallowing.This product should only be fed to seated, supervised children who are accustomed to chewing solid foods. At A Glance Freeze-dried yogurt snacksNo preservativesEasy to chew and swallowUSDA-Certified Organic Picking Up Finger-FeedingAt around 8 months, your Crawler will be able to grasp and pick up small pieces of food. She won’t have mastered this yet, and she may start by using her entire hand and all her fingers, but let her experiment. With practice, she’ll refine her finger movements and develop the ability to skillfully pick up one piece of food with just her thumb and forefinger. Don’t worry about how messy finger-feeding can be. It helps develop motor skills, particularly hand-eye coordination, and it makes her feel more independent. Foods fit for finger-feeding are: Small bite-sized pieces of soft-cooked vegetables or soft fruits, like ripe banana pieces.A texture that dissolves quickly in her mouth, like grain snacks or yogurt snacks made especially for Crawlers.Foods that are easy to pick up, like well-cooked pasta pieces. Babies at the Crawler stage still have small tummies, so it’s best to offer three meals and two snacks a day. Snacks play an important role in a healthy diet, and with all sorts of different shapes and sizes to choose from, can help her master self-feeding. Since this is when your baby learns to mash and chew, the first snacks you choose should dissolve easily. When she starts to get the hang of it, she can try more textured snacks. Frequently Asked Questions How will I know when my child is ready for Graduates products? Graduates offers a line of products that are appropriate for the Crawler, Toddler, or Toddler 2+ (ages 2 years and up) stage of your child’s development. Read the package for the developmental cues that indicate your child may ready for each product. My baby is a picky eater. How can I get her to try new foods?Your baby is growing up right before your eyes! She laughs. She waves “bye-bye.” And she may turn her head away from the spoon if she doesn’t want to try a new food. If that sounds familiar, here are some hints for feeding your finicky eater: Offer nutritious choices. Serve her mashed fruits such as Gerber 3rd Foods Banana Strawberry and vegetables such as Gerber 3rd Foods Sweet Potatoes. Also offer whole-grain choices, dairy options like sliced cheese and yogurt, and chopped, lean meats or poultry.Allow a little play. Mashed potatoes and applesauce may seem more appealing if she can finger paint with them first.Let her experiment. If she wants to dip her cheese into her peaches, let her. What tastes good to her may not taste good to you!You might try introducing a new food along with a familiar food, even mixing the two. For example, if your child likes bananas, introduce peaches by mixing them with bananas.Keep at it. A food that’s refused today may be accepted tomorrow. It can take several tries before your child accepts a new food. Try not to only serve foods she seems to like. Offer new foods or familiar foods served in a new way, such as mashed banana served on a piece of waffle.Be creative. Older babies like bright colors and fun shapes. Try serving your child foods such as Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts snacks or Gerber Graduates Puffs. Though mealtime may seem challenging right now, your persistence will pay off. You’ll be helping your child establish healthy eating habits. If your child doesn’t seem to like a new food, don’t be discouraged. Some experts say it may take a minimum of 10 exposures to a new food before he may decide that he likes it.

Health Valley Cereal Bars, Strawberry Cobbler, 6 Count

No trans fat; Good source of six B Vitamins and selenium. 7% Organic. Great taste. Health Valley Cobbler Cereal Bars are a delicious and nutritious treat for breakfast or any time throughout the day. Made with all natural organic grains, these bars are an excellent source of selenium and a goods source of six essential B-Vitamins. And unlike many other bars, they contains no trans fat and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. But most important, you never have to sacrifice great taste for good nutrition. Health Valley Foods–assuring a healthy life for you and your family. Made with no genetically engineered ingredients. Certified Organic by Assurance International (QAI). Exchange: 1 starch, 1 fruit.

Peter Rabbit Organics, Organic Strawberry and Banana 100% Pure Fruit Snack, 4.0-Ounces Pouches, (Pack of 10)

Peter Rabbit Organics 100% fruit snacks are ideal for babies and children. They contain 100% organic fruit with no added sugar or artificial ingredients. The convenient squeezable pouch means there is no need for a spoon. The pouches are resealable which makes them a great snack for children whenever you are out and about or to feed your baby at the start of weaning. We don’t add water only natural fruit, so each 3.5oz pouch counts as one of your child’s ‘five a day’.

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave Gluten Free Strawberry — 11.75 oz

Warm maple tones and comforting aroma are blended perfectly with our sweet Organic Raw Blue Agave. Perfect on pancakes, wonderful on ice cream, oatmeal, in glazes and marinades. Produced from organically grown Blue Agave with perfectly balanced organic maple flavoring.Sweet, mild syrup is 25% sweeter than sugar (so you use lessA perfect multi-purpose sweetener. Try it in beverages, baked goods, glazes and saucesGlycemic Index of 39 or less: Natural sweetness without the blood sugar spikeNon-crystallizing and quick dissolvingSpecially produced at low temperatures and lightly filtered for a full, natural flavor Perfect for maple lovers and raw food enthusiasts, this amber nectar has a distinct, delicious flavor that enhances both sweet and savory recipes (Note: This Product Description Is Informational Only. Always Check The Actual Product Label In Your Possession For The Most Accurate Ingredient Information Before Use. For Any Health Or Dietary Related Matter Always Consult Your Doctor Before Use.) 012511211257

Candy Tree Organic Strawberry Laces — 2.6 oz

Corn Candies was founded in 1984 by two parents who were concerned with what their seven children were eating.They cooked up lollipops, toffees, licorice and hard candies – made with Organic ingredients. Organic corn malt as a base flavored with Organic real fruit juices and sweetened with Organic apple juice.Their children, and now grandchildren, have enjoyed these wholesome Organic sweets for years…now yours can too!

Nature’s Path Organic Toaster Pastries Strawberry Frosted — 11 oz

Classic toaster pastries are what kids and adults have grown to enjoy over the years, but we’ve made it much tastier and full of organic goodness. Nature’s Path Organic Toaster Pastries bridge that gap between those highly sugared alternatives and the foods we know we should be eating – we like to think of it as an organic indulgence having healthier ingredients. Made with organic whole grain flour and full of real organic fruit fillings, this product will satisfy the taste buds and please the conscience. And, they’re fast and convenient for today’s on-the-go lifestyle.With two of Nature’s Path Organic Toaster Pastries per foil pack and a total of six pastries per carton it’s the first of its kind to NOT require refrigeration and have a shelf life of six months. They are a fun snack with NO Trans Fats, no artificial preservatives and no artificial flavours – the kind of organic snack that kids and adults will love.At Natures Path, we live for healthy, great-tasting organic foods. Its why we get up in the morning. But we are also a company that wants to do more than just sell breakfast foods.We aspire to advance the cause of people and planet, along the path to sustainability. And we like to think we put our money where our mouth is. Or rather, where our heart is. Because growing organic, healthy foods in a sustainable way is our passionthe cornerstone of our family company. Its where, and how, it all began.But we also know that when it comes down to itno matter what kind of a difference we want to make as a company, and no matter how much you share those valuesif our food isnt delicious and exciting, were not living up to our fullest potential.Healthy foods dont need to be boring and tasteless. Which is why we spend our days and nights dreaming up new recipes, tracking down exotic new ingredients, and researching the latest (or most ancient) superfoods. We know youll be pretty impressed when you read our labels. But we …

Health Valley Organic Multigrain Cereal Bars, Strawberry Cobbler, 6 Bars (Pack of 6)

For nearly 40 years, Health Valley Organic has used sustainable agricultural practices to bring families like yours the healthiest food from the land. Our USDA-certified organic products don’t have any artificial chemicals, flavors, colors, synthetic pesticides, or genetically modified ingredients. What they do have are all the good nutrition–and the rich, satisfying flavors–your family deserves. Now we’re taking another big step in helping you understand exactly how healthy our products are. It’s called the Health Valley Nutrition Scorecard, and before long, you’ll see it on each and every Health Valley package. Our Nutrition Scorecard tells you at a glance how each product stacks up on four important nutritional measures: Sodium, Fat, Fiber and Antioxidants. As the scorecard says, this is smart nutrition you can trust. Use the scorecard to easily compare Health Valley with other brands or to compare one Health Valley product to another to find the best product for your needs.

Happy Baby Organic Puffs 2.1 Oz Mixed 3 Pack (1 Strawberry, 1 Bananna, 1 Sweet Potato)

THE HAPPYBABY DIFFERENCE ? Always organic: Never any artificial flavorings. Sweetened with 100% fruit juice. Our puffs are made with organic whole grains, fruits and vegetables. ? Fortified with vitamins & minerals: Enriched with 40 IUs (10%) of your baby’s recommended daily value of Vitamin D. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, many infants are deficient in this vital nutrient. ? Recommended by: Dr. Bob Sears, renowned pediatrician and author of The Baby Book. ? Better value: Our containers hold 40% more product than the leading brands. (Gerber and Beech-Nut are 1.5oz each) ? BPA and PVC free and recyclable packaging: The canister is made from #2 HDPE plastic and the lid is #5 PP plastic. Both are recyclable in most U.S. cities.