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Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Original, 30 Servings, 8.5 Ounces

Amazing Grass Green SuperFood offers a full spectrum of alkalizing green superfoods, antioxidant rich fruits, and support herbs united with Acai and Maca to provide a powerful dose of whole food nutrition. Green SuperFood helps you achieve your recommended 5 to 9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables and our finer grind not only provides superior taste, it increases nutrient bioavailability. Green SuperFood is blended to perfection in a delicious tasting powder, with more organic whole leaf greens per gram than other green superfoods. Enhanced with probiotics and a digestive enzyme blend, Green SuperFood is CCOF certified organic to ensure every ingredient is of the highest quality and integrity. Nutrition your body needs with 10 delicious flavors and functions you’ll love! Amazing Grass grasses are grown at our family-run farm in Kansas and we are dedicated to the finest and raw ingredients keeping the best of what Mother Nature has perfect. In the end, making others happy makes us happy people!

Superfood Smoothies: 100 Delicious, Energizing & Nutrient-dense Recipes

Everyone loves smoothies—and this is the ultimate smoothie book, written by Julie Morris, author of Superfood Kitchen and a superfood expert! Morris whips up 100 nutrient-rich recipes using the world’s most antioxidant-, vitamin- and mineral-packed foods, and offers innovative culinary methods for making your smoothies incredibly nutritious and delicious.Whether you’re looking for an energy boost, seeking a gentle cleanse, or just trying to get healthy, you’ll be inspired to power up the blender!

Navitas Naturals Goji Basil Superfood+ Cashews 4 oz

Goji Basil Superfood+ Cashews 4 oz. Integrating superfoods into your day has never been so convenient and so craveable. Navitas Naturals Superfood+ snack mixes combine Nativas Naturals most popular superfoods with nutrient rich seeds and nuts. Nativas Naturals organic Goji Basil Cashews are zesty handfuls of goodness that feature our Goji Berries raw cashews organic spices and sea salt.Handfuls of GoodnessThese zesty roma superfood cashews combine the superfood nutrition benefits of goji berries and raw cashews with delicious classic Italian spices. Goji berries have been used in Asian herbal medicine for thousands of years. Theyre one of the most abundant food sources of antioxidants.Product of United StatesGoji Basil Cashews continue Nativas Naturals tradition of creating healthy organic snacks that make it easy for people to add superfood nutrition to their diet. Navitas Naturals Goji Berries grow in the fertile valleys of the Ningxia Province in China. Small purple flowers growing along thorny bushes of the Lycium barbarum plant blossom into delicate small orange-red fruits. When the berries on the vine ripen during the warm summer months they’re hand harvested and dehydrated at low temperatures. To make the powder used in this snack the raw goji fruit is freeze-dried which preserves the nutrients and flavor. Goji Basil Cashews also feature Nativas Naturals Organic Raw Cashews and contain organic spices basil and turmeric.Going with GojiThe goji berry is an antioxidant powerhouse and the superfruit also provide diverse nutrition including 20 vitamins and minerals such as zinc iron phosphorus and riboflavin (B2) and beta-carotene. Raw cashews contain many beneficial fats and theyre also a good source of plant-based protein (5 grams per ounce) and minerals including iron magnesium phosphorous zinc and manganese. Tumeric and basil are organic spices known to provide health benefits.Superfoods OnTheGoGoji berries are nutrient-dense fruits that have been enjoyed for

Navitas Naturals Organic Cacao Goji Superfood Power Snack, 8-Ounce

Healthy snacking has never been so energizing and indulgent! These delicious grab-and-go snacks are made from some of the most nutrient-dense functional food stars including cacao, maca, chia and camu-camu. We sustainably source the most nutritious, wholesome and delicious ingredients from around the world, and now we’ve combined these premium superfoods into flavorful grab-and-go snacks that you can conveniently enjoy anywhere. These chewy Power Snack bites have a rich dark chocolate flavor which can be enjoyed straight out of the bag, or you can crumble them into yogurt, ice cream, trail mix, cereal and smoothies.