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Organic Stone-Ground Unbleached Wheat Bread Flour – 5 lb. bag

5 lb. bag. Great River Organic Milling uses old fashioned stone wheels to grind their grains. Conventional millers today use steel grinding mills, and they “temper” grain before grinding it by soaking the grain in water so they can “pull” the bran layer apart and take out the germ and endosperm. This produces a white flour that has a long shelf life. Great River Organic Milling, on the other hand, is one of the few granite stone millers left in America. They use a slower process with less heat involved, and nothing is removed from the grain. All the nutritional components of the grain go back into the bag. These flours are made to order in Wisconsin especially for Tropical Traditions, and have been used to craft some of the finest artisan breads in the United States. Milled from organic hard red spring wheat. A lightly sifted bread flour which retains all the germ and sifts off much of the bran. Perfect for artisan breads or European style breads.