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Equal Exchange Organic Natural Almonds, 8 Ounce

We choose these northern California almonds for their for large, consistent size and their naturally sweet, buttery taste. Raw and unroasted, they make a perfect, healthy snack any time of the day. These nuts come from the farmers of hilltop ranch in California’s central valley. Hilltop farmers are committed to organic farming and protecting our planet. Your purchases help them continue to farm organically even though conventional farming yields more almonds for less effort and fewer dollars.

Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate Chips, Semi-Sweet, 10 Ounce (Pack of 12)

Use these delicious organic chocolate chips to add something special to cookies, brownies and even pancakes. Pair with our organic baking cocoa for even more chocolaty goodness in your favorite chocolate recipes. Made with organic and fairly traded cacao from small-scale farmers in Peru, and sugar from small-scale farmers in Paraguay.